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Priority #1: election integrity

It was famed physicist and scientist Albert Einstein who once quipped, "the pure definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect different results". Such is the case when it comes to the issue of election integrity. Back in my Congressional reelection race in 2012, I came in contact with election irregularity. I will never forget having certain precincts reporting over 100% voter turnout and witnessing a 4000 vote shift, which no one adequately explained, around midnight. My reelection is one of the reasons why Catherine Engelbrecht started an organization called "True the Vote". I also remember Eric Holder's article in Time Magazine, April 2020, addressing how the coronavirus should permanently change elections in America. The resulting initiative was something called unsolicited mail-in ballots.

Here locally in Dallas County we have had issues with ePoll books, election machine tabulations, and other irregularities. As well, we know that Texas has been ground zero for a massive influx of illegal immigrants, and many progressive socialist leftists seek to enfranchise their vote.

There can be no debate about the importance of seeking out viable solutions to restore integrity to our electoral process in America, the State of Texas, and Dallas County. There are those who believe that we must continue with the status quo, but that is no longer acceptable. Yes, I believe that we should explore how we can reintroduce hand ballots into our electoral system, heck, the Europeans do. We can examine Beta testing in certain Counties, or even precincts, here in Dallas County as a measuring assessment. Anyone that is against conducting a comparative analysis of a system that we once were very good and implementing has something to hide.

As well, we must conduct a regular voter registration roll review, perhaps a percentage review every month in order to achieve a full rendering for every year. Voters must have confidence in knowing that their vote will not be canceled out by someone illegally voting, or someone voting that no longer resides in this jurisdiction...or even alive. In addition, we need to eliminate the unconstitutional and very disconcerting practice of unsolicited mail-in ballots. There should be two ways of voting, in person and by requested absentee ballot, the latter being a controlled process. And in order to ensure integrity in our electoral process, we must have a focused and dedicated program for recruiting, training, and deploying election poll watchers and workers.

One of the sad realities that has come into our knowledge is the amount of voter fraud and nefarious actions towards our vulnerable voters -- Senior and memory care center residents. This came to surface during an investigation post the 2020 election cycle in Racine Wisconsin, and has been evidenced in other locations. I am the Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union, and we started the Protect Vulnerable Voters program as a response. We will ensure that the lessons learned are implemented here in Dallas County.

Most importantly, we have to have a strong seat at the table here in Dallas County, one of the top ten population centers in the Nation. We can no longer be dismissed on this issue and we shall demand accountability.

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Priority #2: win county-wide elections

I believe one of the most important duties of the Dallas County GOP Chairman is to have a program of candidate recruitment and training. The Chairman should not be in the business of picking candidates, but developing the best possible candidates to run for office in Dallas County. I must admit that I have seen far too many candidates who are not prepared to go onto the battlefield of politics. They may have all the heart, but they need to have the skills to develop and articulate policy solutions and be competent before the media. Too often the belief is that running for office is the realm of a political elite. I remember back in 2008 going to Washington DC and meeting with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). I had just returned from a two and a half year assignment as a civilian/military advisor to the Afghanistan National Army (ANA). I had filed to run for Congress in South Florida and sought NRCC support. The first question asked of me by a young staffer was how much of my own money was I going to seed into my campaign. It was not about articulating policy positions. In that election cycle with only $583K raised, we finished with 45.3% of the vote, just a little help might have helped. In 2010 cycle, we ran again, raised $6M, and won with 54.7%. While in Congress I started a leadership PAC called The Guardian Fund whose intent was to support military and minority conservative candidates.

Developing the next generation of constitutional conservative candidates has always been near to my heart. It does concern me when I go to vote here in Dallas County and I see many elected positions with no Republican challenger, especially judicial positions. This results in activist judicial officials who do not follow the rule of law, but rather their leftist ideological agenda.

My goal will be to fill a candidate in every race in Dallas County, someone who is trained and ready. If they come with their own resources, that is fine, but we will do our best to equip our candidates. Again, this is not about the Chairman picking the team, but rather ensuring you can select from the best possible to enter the arena of political contests. I will not make our training a requirement, but it will be available. As well, we want your input into where are the areas we can better improve with our candidates, after all, they seek to serve you.

I will wholeheartedly admit that I will lead based upon constitutional conservative principles, and governance. I support our rule of law and will advocate for our candidates to do so as well. My philosophy of governance revolves around strengthening our traditional nuclear families, honoring our Judeo-Christian faith heritage, supporting better educational opportunities, promoting our free market economies and small business growth, promoting the theory of equality of opportunity and individual responsibility, as opposed to equality of outcomes and collective subjugation, and supporting our national and domestic defense and security.

I have never understood the idea of being moderate. My Dad taught me that the only thing in the middle of the road is roadkill. And the Bible teaches us in the Book of Revelation that you are either hot or cold, if lukewarm, I will spew you from my mouth.

And when I talk about candidate recruitment and training, that means all of Dallas County. I have been quite disappointed in the level of disregard towards South Dallas County, no more.

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Priority #3: all politics are local

If you have not been paying careful attention, the strategic plan of the progressive socialist left is quite apparent. Their goal, which has been executed successfully, is to take over major population centers in America, to include in Red States. It is also there that one will find the greatest amount of failure of leftists policies. An analysis of the 2020 presidential electoral map by the County will evidence this. It is imperative that we remember that California was once a red state. Not too long ago, Colorado was a red state. Even in my birth state of Georgia, they now have two progressive leftist US Senators due to five population centers, Atlanta-Fulton County, Columbus, Macon, Augusta, and Savannah. Georgia is the largest land mass state east of the Mississippi River, with some 159 counties. Yet those five areas have tremendous impact on its statewide, and national, electoral politics.

When one looks at Texas, with 254 counties, you will also see very concentrated areas of blue. Those areas are Houston-Harris County, Austin-Travis County, San Antonio-Bexar County, El Paso-El Paso County, and Dallas-Dallas County. There are those who refer to Dallas County as "Deep Blue Dallas". We must develop a strategic plan to reverse course in Dallas County, that means going on offense against leftist policies. It means that we must be strategic and incremental in reversing this course, just as the left has been. It means we must compete for electoral gains at every level in Dallas County. It means we must convince donors to support constitutional conservative, Republican, electoral efforts right here in one of the Republican campaign financial bases of operation.

I remember over a decade ago coming to Dallas for fundraising events while I was running for US Congress out of Florida. And to this day, this continues to happen. We must retain this support here in this County. If Dallas County can provide the blueprint as to how Republicans can win in urban population centers, it will not only bode well for Texas, but for America.

This will not be an easy task, then again nothing worth attaining and having is easy. However, every journey begins with a first step. And we must take that step in Dallas.

What this means is to challenge the Dallas County Democrats openly in debates and in the media. It means making the Dallas County GOP relevant and visible. It means creating an enthusiasm with the grassroots Republicans who are the true foot soldiers in this endeavor. It means better messaging and being in position to comment on the issues facing Dallas County, and provide solutions based upon constitutional governance. It means being proactive, and not reactive, something for which the Republican party struggles.

I find it unconscionable that there is a contingent moving to Dallas County from failed blue states, yet they continue to support those failed policies. Furthermore, we must do better in messaging what has made Texas, Texas, and now allow future generations to be deceived.

The Republican Party of Texas is the Nation's largest state Republican party. It was founded on July 4th, 1867 by 150 Black men...and who is calling who racist? I want us in Dallas County to be on the same sheet of music and effective in communicating our message all across the County. We can reverse course in Dallas County, and we will.

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Priority #4: Education vs Indoctrination

I have always asserted that the most important elected position in the Country is the school board. After covid, we came to understand why. Parents witnessed firsthand that their children were not being educated but rather indoctrinated. The results have been damning, our children not reading and doing math at grade level. It is imperative that the Dallas County GOP be fully engaged in school board elections across the County. We must ensure that there are candidates running in all of these elections who will stress education over indoctrination of cultural Marxist principles, and other harmful policies that promote the sexualization of our children.

We must stress more study of science, technology, engineering, and math along with history and civics. We cannot allow the "cherry-picking" of history in order to support and advance a certain ideological agenda. There is nothing "racist" about math. But as they are finding out in Baltimore County, less than 5% of Black students are capable of doing math at grade level. It is the soft bigotry of low expectations that we must confront head on, right here in Dallas.

As Dallas County GOP Chairman, I will continue my support of educational freedom and parental rights. After all, my Parents made the decision to send me to Catholic school from grades 1-9. A quality education is the great equalizer that opens up the doors of opportunity, regardless of where you come from, or where you were born.