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VOTE March 5, 2024


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Dallas County GOP Issues

  • 75% of County races on 2024 Primary are unopposed by a Republican Candidate.
  • 73% of Judicial races are unopposed by a Republican in the 2024 Primary
  • 100% of Dallas County Commissioners are Democrats
  • 74% of Precinct Chair seats vacant in 2024
  • 20% decrease in Precinct Chairs for 2024
  • 88% of Republican candidates lost in Dallas County in 2022
  • 93% of Republican candidates lost in Dallas County in 2020
  • Dallas County District Attorney is a George Soros backed Democrat
  • Disgraced Tarrant County Elections Administrator, Heider Garcia -- who resigned while being investigated -- was hired by the Democrats in Dallas County in charge of election integrity.

- It’s time for a Red Republican Restoration to Flip “Deep Blue” Dallas

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Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Allen B. West is a constitutional conservative, combat veteran, and former member of the US Congress. He served as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, and is currently the Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU). His life has been defined as one of service, sacrifice, and commitment to this Republic, the United States of America. His messages of freedom and liberty resonate with everyday Americans, making him a sought after speaker, and one with a robust social media presence.



“The Texas GOP March primary ballot will have 13 propositions. One of those is closing the primaries, which I fully support. It is detrimental to have Republicans courting Democrats and others to vote in open primaries to undermine constitutional conservative candidates. We just saw a prime example in New Hampshire. Nikki Haley, running for the Republican presidential nomination, had over 70 percent of votes from non-Republicans. It’s been reported that her objective is to do the same in Texas. Those who are non-party affiliates must decide with whom their philosophy of governance lies.” - Allen

The Current DCRP Chair Falsely Claims



The current Chair claims LtCol Allen West bankrupted the Republican Party of Texas

As Chair of the RPT, LtCol Allen West successfully replenished depleted funds under the prior leadership

As Chair, LtCol Allen West did not take a salary & focused on rebuilding financial stability of the RPT

The current Chair's position is, an audit of the DCRP is too expensive & unnecessary

Under Lt. Col. Allen West's leadership, RPT financials were audited 3 times with NO ISSUES

In 2022, DCRP financials were not audited by a third party.

In 2023 the Chair hand picked members to serve on the Bylaws Review Committee, who successully removed language requiring a yearly audit of the DCRP. The DCRP financials have not been audited under the current Chair

FACTS MATTER; The current Chair omits truths which don't fit her narrative

With our borders wide open, unprecedented threats to citizens of our State, Grassroots REP asked serving RPT Chair, Lt. Col. Allen West, to step forward & run for TX Governor in 2022. It was the Colonel's strong leadership as RPT Chair, that Grassroots Republicans sought him as a candidate for Governor of Texas. Heeding the call, LtCol Allen West stepped down as RPT Chair to run for the highest elected office of Texas

The current Chair claims her opponent is being sued by a non-profit.

Not True, Misinformation, Fake News

The current Chair brags about rebuilding an almost bankrupt Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) when she became chair

The Reagan Dinner was established by the Republican Party to reach donors and fundraise on a local level. Due to Covid, the Reagan Dinner was cancelled in 2020 & 2021, which created a financial strain, not only on the DCRP, but the Party across the country

Keeping the donor class happy is a top priority. The current Chair said, "I think they are confident in my stewardship of the money", Dallas Express

The Chair is quick to take credit for sound fiscal responsibility, yet a request for an itemized total cost invoice of the 2022 Joint Primary was repeatedly ignored. After multiple requests were made, an itemized cost invoice was provided which DID NOT match the Secretary of States report.

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Priority #1:

election integrity

  • Use trustworthy ballot system that cuts out corruption
  • Conduct regular voter registration roll review
  • Protect vulnerable voters and stop voter fraud
  • Change the status quo with intentionally different solutions
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Priority #2:

win countywide elections

  • Ensure a qualified Republican candidate runs for every race in Dallas County
  • Equip those candidates for success through recruitment and training
  • Bring the act of running for office from the political elite to everyday people
  • Develop the next generation of constitutional conservative leaders
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Priority #3:

All politics are local

  • Implement a strategic plan to reverse course in “blue” Dallas County
  • Make the Dallas County GOP relevant, visible, and proactive
  • Convince donors to support constitutional conservative Republicans in Dallas
  • Go on the offense against leftist policies in debates and the media
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Priority #4:

Education vs Indoctrination

  • Work to have the Dallas County GOP fully engaged in school board elections
  • Teach the full scope of subjects, including this great state’s history, not a cherry-picked version advancing an ideological agenda
  • Support students to succeed academically and achieve grade-level expectations
  • Honor parental rights and educational freedom over cultural indoctrination


Lt Colonel West is well respected in Dallas County and around the world for his steadfast patriotism and honesty.

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn

“Flynn has garnered some of the military’s top honors, including the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Bronze Star Medal and Legion of Merit. Additionally, he has acquired graduate degrees in telecommunications, military arts and sciences and national security and strategic studies, as well as an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from The Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C.”

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I highly endorse Lt. Col. Allen West as the next Dallas County GOP Chair. There is simply no other person that can fill his shoes. He is battle tested on every front, and has the knowledge, guts and wherewithal to fight for Dallas County. Dallas County is critical to our nation, and should be honored to have Lt. Col. Allen West at the helm.

Sid Miller

Texas Agricultural Commissionerr

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“From his military service to his time on Congress to leading the Texas GOP, Allen West has fought for our nation and our conservative values. Now he wants to bring that experience to one of the most important county parties in the state. He does so with my unwavering support.”

Louie Gohmert

Former Congressman

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“LTC. Allen West is a friend with whom I served in Congress, and know he is concerned about election integrity and is determined to do something about it. Since our Attorney General has not provided essential assistance to Republicans in our major cities by seeking injunctions or restraining orders to stop election improprieties in their tracks, it is all the more important to have a fighter as the Dallas County Chairman. Allen will seek, find and help elect quality candidates to once again help Dallas re-establish law and order with equal justice for all. Help Allen help you.”

Debbie Georgatos

Candidate for RNC Committeewoman from Texas

Conservative Talk Show Host

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“I am honored to endorse Lt. Col. Allen West for Chair of the Dallas County Republican Party. I’ve been privileged to have known Allen and his wife Dr. Angela West for many years and am blessed to call them friends.

Lt. Col. West is a powerful, inspirational speaker who skillfully articulates the enduring rightness and worth of America’s founding principles like few others. He also regularly and forcefully exposes the malevolent ideas that drive the leftist cabal that is today tyrannizing our country and turning our culture and society upside down.

These are enormously consequential times in American history. Lt. Col. West’s commitment to elucidating to more people what Republicans stand for, and contrasting that with what leftists in America believe, is vital to the cause of expanding the tent of our Republican Party in a meaningful and enduring way. To win back America, more people must grasp what is at stake in our country today.

Lt. Col. West has shown through serving in the U.S. Army including in combat, representing well his constituents in the United States Congress, leading the Republican Party of Texas, and through his willingness to speak boldly about what leftism is doing to America, that he is a relentless warrior for defending and preserving America.

For these reasons and more, I endorse Lt. Col. Allen West for Dallas County GOP Chair.”

Debbie Georgatos

Host, America, Can We Talk?

Candidate, RNC Committeewoman for Texas

Monica McBride

Chairman of the Brewster County GOP

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”It is my pleasure to endorse Allen West for Dallas County Republican Chair. I have been the Republican Chair for Brewster County for almost 16 years. Brewster County is the largest county in Texas, has approximately 200 miles of border with Mexico, and until recently had been predominantly a blue county. Brewster County has a small population, less than 10,000 people, living in approximately 6,000 sq miles. We don't offer many votes or money to politicians and this fact keeps many politicians away from us, but it didn't keep Mr. West away. He spent countless hours here helping us with fundraisers, promoting our republican candidates, and assisting with other events while he was Texas State Chair. I believe this is one of the main reasons our county has been able to become a Republican County and stayed a Republican County.

The USA is in a dire situation and having sure, stable and efficient elections in major urban areas in Texas is not only a must but an obligation which cannot be mishandled. As unfair as it is, election outcomes in urban areas determine what happens in our rural lands.

Politicians elected in urban areas determine what happens to our rural folks. It is time to flip our major cities from Blue to RED. Mr. West can do this for Dallas County. County Chairs must have strength, clarity, and decisiveness. Mr. West has this."

Lauren Davis

Former candidate for Dallas County Judge

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“I support Allen West running for Dallas County GOP Chair. We must root out the total dysfunction the current leadership is. This is a very positive day for Dallas Republicans! Only way is up from where we are now.”

Chad Prather

Former candidate for Texas Governer

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“Texas’ big blue cities have become progressive war zones that require a conservative fighter to change their downward trajectory toward dismal failure. Dallas County is worth fighting for, and Lt Col Allen West is the battle hardened warrior that can change the spiraling trend. He is the man for such a time as this.”

Walter West II

Texas SREC Committeeman 2018-2022;

HSSE; Veteran HSE, National Safety Council;

Technical Rescue & HAZMAT HVA & SVA Risk Specialist Operations

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“Allen West fought hard for Texas as a whole. I sat with him on the many road trips along the border and throughout the cities and counties and watched him listen and fight for Our Texas! Allen clearly has the ability to deliver Dallas County out of the crime riddled slum it has become. The ability to to score the Dallas County GOP in the 25% performance range is unconscionable to what Texas needs. You have to be Bold to Hold Texas, Allen can rescue Dallas County and place it on the path forward! I’m Fully Endorsing the only Man in Texas that can swing a county back and change the Political Landscape beyond a Successful Conservative Win.”

Scott O’Grady

Former United States Air Force fighter pilot

Patriot service member, shot down over Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 2, 1995, by a 2K12 Kub mobile SAM launcher and forced to eject from his F-16C into hostile territory.

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“Allen is a proven patriot who defends our US Constitutional freedoms. We need his servant leadership to restore our freedoms now!”

- Scott O’Grady

Lynn Davenport

Former Candidate School Board & DCCC

Host of Social Impact Podcast

PC Candidate

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“I supported Allen West for Texas Governor and will be supporting him again for Chair of Dallas County Republican Party. Dallas County needs new leadership so we can start winning races. He will not cave to the donor class and RINOs who compromise on party priorities.”